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Hello, author, and thank you for writing for me.

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청춘시대 | Age of Youth

Characters: Song Ji Won, Im Sung Min

I believe this might be my favorite ship ever written, and it frustrates me to no end to know I don't get an entire drama about them working through their relationship and taking down the bad guys with their journalistic brilliance. And having all the sex, because how could they not with Ji Won as part of this relationship equation?

Speaking of which, I adore Song Ji Won. She is hilarious and smart, but such a mystery, even to herself. There is so much to explore in her character, and I want more! This season we get a little bit more of a peek into her life; clues into the darkness that lies within the carefree exterior...

I see Im Sung Min as an anchor that keeps Ji Won from completely leaving the ground and floating off into who-knows-where. He cares for her as a friend, and he knows he's attracted to her, but just how far those feelings go, I don't think he quite knows yet. That will possibly change by the end of Season 2 when you actually write about these characters!

Edit: If you have watched the second season, please feel free to eliminate certain dates posted at the end of a certain episode.

Also, now that season 2 is over and I didn't get to see my ship sailing off into the sunset, or at least stormy seas, I am perfectly happy if you choose to ignore season 2, or find a way to deal with Ji Won's past where it isn't squicky. I really don't like that her personality has been linked to what she saw as a child, I really just want Ji Won and her antics burrowing her way into Sung Min's heart without the sexual trauma.

Possible Prompts:

I love the exploration of characters realizing their feelings for one another, and he's an interesting one. Still, if you feel like undertaking the task of exploring Ji Won's feelings for him, then kudos to you, because that one is a tough nut to crack.

I think sex between these two has the possibility of being funny, sexy, sweet, and unique. If you want to write smut, please go for it. I would embrace it with squeals and happiness. If smut isn't your thing, and you want to take them on a journalistic adventure, I would also love to read that. Anything with the two of them solving a mystery would be really fun. Really, I just want them together, it doesn't matter what they are doing.

비밀의 숲 | Secret Forest | Stranger

Characters: Han Yeo Jin, Hwang Shi Mok

Oh, how I adore these two. Han Yeo Jin is an absolute gem, and the way she coaxes Hwang Shi Mok out of his taciturn existence, makes me so very happy. She lets him be, but in the cutest way possible, and pokes at him until he lets her in (sort of).

Possible Prompt: While I loved that they were not made a romantic couple in the drama, I still ship them, hard. I think that they are perfect for one another, and I would love to see the journey of their relationship from trusted friends and colleagues, to something deeper and much more intimate. I would like shipfic for these two. Feel free to mention Eun Soo and other characters if they are relevant. Eun Soo's death had a profound effect on Shi Mok, so ignoring it as though it didn't happen wouldn't make sense to me. I also wouldn't mind a bit of a look into Yeo Jin's past. How did she become so kind? Was she an artist at one point? What made her become a police officer?

War and Peace (TV 2016)

Characters: Pierre Bezukhov, Natasha Rostov

I love this kind of tension in relationships, where one person loves the other for so long, and finally it is returned. In Pierre's case, it is especially beautiful. He's such a wonderful person, and he loves Natasha so very much. That she eventually returns his affection and love, it hits all my angsty buttons.

Possible Prompt:

I'd love to see what happens right after they kiss in the drawing room, or perhaps an introspective look into Natasha's feelings, and how she came to realize her love for Pierre. Perhaps Pierre is feeling doubtful that she is really over Andre, or maybe he has to deal with the trauma of being married to Helene, who didn't do a very good job of pretending she didn't want to sleep with him. Whatever it might be, there is room for much character exploration, or ship fic. I also wouldn't say no to wedding night sexy times, if you want to go there. I believe Pierre would be a competent and attentive lover, which would alleviate some of the need for people to portray him as a buffoon.

퐁당퐁당 LOVE | Splash Splash Love

Characters: Jang Dan Bi, Lee Do

This short, sweet, drama was just a gem, and it needed to be longer. The sexual and romantic tension between the two was just amazing, and I wanted to see more of the way they interacted after meeting in the future.

Possible Prompt:

I really just want playfulness and sexual tension. With this ship, I don’t even mind AUs.

Things I Like:

I really like romantic porn.
-First times, especially if its unique i.e in a car, awkward but cute fumbling, etc.
-Male characters who have never had sex before but are not incompetent lovers (maybe they need a few tries...)
-Female body worship, scars, fetishizing of a certain body part like the ears or neck, finger, etc.
-Semi-public sex, sex in places other than a bed - in nature, in a car, in water, against wall, on couches, on kitchen counters, etc.
-Sexual positions other than missionary (especially from behind with body worship)
-Orgasm denial

I guess you could say I like vanilla with lots of toppings.

Non-sexual tropes I like:

-Enforced proximity, fake-dating, bed-sharing, falling asleep on the other's shoulder, dreams, witnessing nightmares, etc.

-Affection, accidental touching and reactions
-Introspection to characters own reactions
-Undercover work/casefic.
-Unrequited Love that Eventually Gets Requited. (I love the angst and tension of these kinds of fics.)

-Humorous hijinks, especially if it leads to my otp realizing how they feel about each other.
-Character introspection
-Angst with a happy ending.

Things I Don’t Like:

-Major character death.
-When writers use phrases like, “said, the redheaded beauty.” I really hate it. I like pronouns.
-When my ships die! Gen is acceptable, I just don't want to read a story about Natasha being with Andre and not Pierre.

DNWs: Non-con/rape, subdom lifestyle, domestic abuse, underage, fisting, watersports, scat-play, necrophilia, bestiality, or role-playing, mpreg, tentacles, body horror, omegaverse

I hope these were clear enough for you, and there were enough prompts to help you if you need them. Really, as long as it has my otp ships sailing, or at least about to depart, I'm happy. If you must write gen, I'd love to see comedy. With the exception of War and Peace, comedy is readily available in all sources.


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